GUSTY is the child of the repair business "StitchCraft", founded in 2012 by Thijs. It used to mainly do repairs on windsurf sails and kites. 

Our current shop/workshop is located in the main street of Lajares, right next to the plaza. Lajares is a small town in the North of Fuerteventura.


Gusty is about traveling and exploring.

About following your intuition.
About innovating, creating and rising above ourselves. About experiencing nature and feeling her/his force. About letting go. About playing. About having fun.

Gusty builds long-lasting and unique products. We recycle as much as possible and embrace the newest technologies and products to create a truly valuable product.
Single-use products are a part of life, but here at Gusty we work in a different way. We create long-lasting, loving and caring products.


We strive to create products and a service you won’t easily forget.

In the end, our products are a part of Mother Nature. We have respect for its power, beauty and love. This we carry into our work and products.


It is our Philosophy to be transparent towards our customers and show you where everything came from and who made it. If you visit us in Lajares, Fuerteventura, you can see for yourself how everything is made and by who.

By buying Gusty’s products, you support local production, fun labor, handcraftsmanship and more. 

We accept donations to support us in our future adventures.


THIJS is the founder of our company YOUTHS 2013 S. COOP. He has a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of Ghent, Belgium. He is highly motivated and passionate about connecting people and groups. He is talented at making and keeping contacts. This made GUSTY & STITCHCRAFT what it is today. He never stops brainstorming for new ideas and if not he will be doing the office work!

He recharges by enjoying a surf, windsurf, yoga, football, music, dancing and his family.  


CLAUDIA from Switzerland brought her own label into the business when it was founded. She pursues her goals with great passion and thus engages the people around her. 

GEREON  studied occupational therapy in Germany. He has used his creativity to achieve many miracles in design and production through his tireless desire to learn and discover new things. Gereon stopped working for Youths and Gusty&Stitchcraft a while ago. He still is a shareholder and we are looking for an investor/buyer to help Youths2013 S.Coop start a new Era.

We wish Gereon the best in his future endeavors, one of which CleanSounds. We always supported new projects and goals even sometimes it's hard to see people go and leave. Gereon was not the first to leave Youths2013 and will not be the last. Life goes on. We can dance it out at the next Cleansounds party.

GUSTY & STITCHCRAFT FUERTEVENTURA / +34 928 86 17 36 / info@gusty.eu