A classic must-have for all your goods. Padded compartment to protect a laptop. Limited edition cause we don't produce this model anymore. Strong, resilient, flexible, trustworthy, safe. Your ultimate travel friend. Waste band for when you need to jump on a bike and keep your goods thight to your back.

Trust us. This bag will serve you like no other.

Crossover/Messenger Medium

  • Beach lifestyle becomes a part of the bag in an ecological way!

    Recycled materials from the surfing world make all our bags UNIQUE, colorful and energetic. 

    Carefully hand-picked fabrics that are tested for quality before being sewn together,  ensures that every bag has its own story.



    28 x 42 x 8cm (h x w x l)



    Padded lining to protect laptop 

    Reinforced water-resistant rubber bottom

    Variable volume with velcro fixing



    Recycled kite and EPDM rubber, high-end marine fabrics, top quality thread, zipper, tapes and ribbons


    Bag can be machine washed up to 30 degrees!